Anime Expo 2013

OHO! I went to Anime Expo in LA and met a bunch of people from YT ;D -- BUT I RAN AWAY FROM THE MEETUP. At least Maiyi and Natsuu were nice enough to let me hang out with them on Day 3. ; v ; Other than that, I was a loner on Day 2 and the first half of Day 3.

Went to the first Vocaloid Panel and was disappointed... but hey, when I ran to the second Vocaloid panel, it was great. Why? BECAUSE THE PRODUCERS CAME.

Came out of that panel, saw JC in the hallway, "Oh shit, it's JC." Shook his hands, had an awkward conversation, and then ran away.

Met up with Shiina, Maiyi, and Natsuu.

Creeped on the Youtaites (LOL ARE WE SERIOUSLY USING THIS TERM?) at the YT Meetup. I had no idea what was going on though... I didn't know it was them until I ran away. Derp. GDI I'm so shy. ; v ;

We eventually settled down in the karaoke room #1 and sang LOVE&ROLL. Which I totally failed at... when we ran out of the room from embarrassment, I spotted the producers. I thought, "THIS IS OUR CHANCE. WE HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE." And so we did...

Natsuu's father gave us ice cream. ; v ; Thank you Natsuu's father!!



July 4th was my Chene's Birthday so a bunch of us got together to make her 2 choruses. All I gotta say is that we peed in our pants making these two videos because *COUGH*NEKO&MARI*COUGH* turned in their lines late... so I barely had time to mix. Thank god Poucet was there to help me out on the timing, tuning, panning, and volume control. I owe her a big huge thanks! m(_ _)m Now I present to you the final products!

So knowing that Shiina and Maiyi were going to Anime Expo this year, I made them T-Shirts. 8D I went to michaels, bought 3 v-neck t-shirts and 2 tubes of white fabric paint. I had no idea to use fabric paint so I tried really hard to draw on the shirts with it but I failed. OTL So I gave up, became lazy, took a q-tip and just picasso the heck out of those shirts.


During winter break, I am planning on catching up in Detective Conan. As soon as I watched the next 20 episodes from where I left off, there was a ton of plot twists. It was too much to handle so I told myself to re-watching it again after I reach 375... and so I will...

I know, I know, I'm such a crazy person. But hey, I'm a devoted DC fan! I'll do whatever it takes to not spoil myself. :c

A while ago, me and my friend went to Sea World to get into the SHAMU SPIRIT. YAHOO~ Anyways, I went with them the whole day. We basically watched some shows and spammed the new Manta ride. Unfortunately we don't live in Florida so our Manta ride was just a fast paced roller coaster. We literally got on the ride, got off, and ran straight to the line again. I think I got high whenever I went on that ride... The last thing we did was attend the Shamu show, which, unfortunately was just a bunch of killer whales jumping and splashing about. Here's what it looked like...


On a side note, I was hungry before the "Blue Horizon" show so I just had to buy a bag of cheese Doritos, who the heck knew they would charge me $3.5 dollars for that thing? Like dang man, if I bought it at some Asian super market, it would only cost $1. I was really sad afterwards... Very sad.... But then I got myself a Churro and I was happy again... Very happy...

I figured it might be hard to spot the SHAMU but oh wells, MORE EYE EXERCISES FOR YOU. Hopefully me and my friend Judy can have more adventures like this one. :'D

Famury Time

Last Sunday my family had this strong urge to visit the mall to have some late afternoon fun. Even though we only visited two clothing store and one candy store, it was pretty swell. I usually don't go to the mall often but when I do, all I do there is window shop. I'm pretty sure my wallet would be anorexic if I throw my money at the mall. So there was this store called Papaya and fair enough, it was my first time going in there. Everything in there was so pretty! e A e I couldn't resist, I snatched about 4 or 5 outfits and tried them all in the fitting room. The decision making part was obviously the hardest for me... But I bought two shirts and a dress, I felt so terrible as soon as I walked out.


We also had a short visit to Macy's since my mother wanted to stock up on her make up. While waiting, my cousin took her time to look for shoes that would match the stuff I bought at Papaya. She's so thoughtful :'D . But we didn't buy any shoes simce I'm a cheap Asian girl. After that, I took my nieces and nephews to Sweet Factory where we all pigged out and bought a great amount of candy. Looks like Halloween isn't necessary this year. 8D

During this week, whenever I came home from school, I caught a few family members sleeping. So I thought it was a good opportunity to take their pictures. Most of the pictures were pictures of my nieces and nephews though. Man, they will hate me later.


I'm such a terrible aunt/grand-daughter for doing this.

Yup. I love my family. <3

Right in the Childhood

Today my best friend Judy came over for a visit because my mother needed her mother to help her rub some ointment on her back. Only her and her little 4 year old sister Janie came along though, her brother wanted to stay home to play games on the computer.

So while the mothers were busy with their coin rubbing, Judy and I washed the dishes. After we finished, we went upstairs with Janie ( because an accident almost occurred last time when Janie was left alone upstairs ). Janie was playing with her black retarded looking animal balloon and that reminded us of our own animal balloons that we've made when we were little. That conversation then lead us to origami... and that's when I took out my origami box so we can have some origami bonding time.

ed My Origami Box

My origami box contained both origami paper and star folding paper. So then we decided to make paper stars. ★彡 As we talked while folding them paper stars, the tamagotchi discussion was brought up. So then I took out my tamagotchi bag. Since it's been a little over two years since I've touched one, my reaction when I opened the bag was, "Oh my goodness! It's so adorable!" My friend just laughed and said, "Oh, I remember when we went to the bathroom and made babies." Oh god, I think I just died after listening to her say that.

ed My Tamagotchi

Well the thing is, back then in our elementary school we were the first ones to bring our tamagotchi's to school. No one knew what they were but after a while the tamagotchi trend started and almost everyone in school had one. The principal became concerned and decided to ban tamagotchi from the school grounds. So then Judy and I started to hide them in our pockets. We would go into the bathroom stalls to avoid being tattle-tailed on ( kids back then had horrible attitudes, it's not like we don't trust them :D ) and connect our tamagotchi through the stalls. There was a point where our tamagotchi became partners and made babies. There you have it, making babies in the bathroom was possible after all.

I found some batteries in the bag so I decided to revive my tamagotchi v3. It's currently sleeping while having the sick icon and two little pieces of poop next to it. Hopefully I can cure it when it wakes up.

Right when we changed the subject to music, her mother decides to leave. ( This always happens, it's like God doesn't want her to listen to my music :'c ) I gave her a cookie and we parted.



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